Margie Adam,
(Pleiades, 2005)

Let me introduce you to Margie Adam, a piano composer-player from California with many songwriting credits to her name. She's had covers of her songs recorded by Dusty Springfield, Peter, Paul & Mary and Chris Williamson.

The two-disc CD/DVD set features instrumentals filled with superb, inspired playing. The DVD plays to sun and water on Scotland's beautiful shores. I'm not one to go out of my way to listen to a piano concert, but this lady has a touch that kept me listening from the very first note.

Some of the solos are taken from live recordings. What I gather from this CD is, here's a woman who loves her piano, who can caress it into a companionable blend of softness and strength.

Two very different moods take place on Portal. One begets a sense of velvet stroking velvet, a deepness that occurs on some tracks as a rich warm tone. On others, the feeling is light, airy, and the music is sparkling like a hail of blue and white diamonds raining from the clouds.

The player is in control and taking the listener exactly where she wants. Throughout the CD a sense of great serenity is induced, and the only participation this artist is asking of the audience is to be. Just be while you're listening to the music, just be ... and receive this wonderful gift.

by Virginia MacIsaac
8 April 2006

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