Caren A. Adams,
Life 101: For the Young & the Young at Heart
(BookSurge, 2005)

This how-to book based on Caren Adams' own life experiences seeks to offer easy-to-follow solutions to everyday problems. For instance, she tackles how to stop blaming others for one's own shortcomings, living life in the moment, never giving up and making daily lives more simple. She provides practical solutions using her own life as an example.

In theory, this book was a great idea! What a great way to impart one's knowledge to many different people in different walks of life! However, her tone is extremely condescending, the prose is very difficult to follow and I had to put the book down every few "lessons" or so in order to give my eyes and brain a rest.

The book was very poorly edited and the grammar leaves much to be desired. Sentences often have two different tenses in them while talking about the same event. Punctuation is dreadful.

This book would have been great if it had been edited better but, as it is, it is difficult to read. Sometimes, I got the sense Adams was thinking and writing so fast that she forgot to put down words.

I did like how Adams split up her chapters, though, because the sub-parts made sense. Generally speaking, however, this book was difficult for me to get through.

- Rambles
written by Melissa Kowalewski
published 20 August 2005

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