Jody Adams,
Voices of Home
(Gypsy Heart, 2010)

I love the message of Jody Adams' Voices of Home. From the liner notes, Adams says: "No matter where I go, whether I fiddle or sing, I take a bit from each of my family with me. Their words of advice and guidance still comfort me along the way. Everybody has a past, a lineage, a history to remember and call upon when they need that extra bit of help in figuring things out."

The CD is 16 tracks with a folksy, old country-and-western feel. The songs will lift you up, make you think and, yes, sometimes cry.

Adams definitely has a strong message that's timely. For instance, his second song, "Do What's Right," talks about many of the folks from today's headlines talking about God, but doing many things that He wouldn't approve of:

Have you spent all your time
Seeking fortune and fame?
Have you squandered your life
To exalt your own name?

Friend, none of that helps you
Cross the darkest of tides
Lest Jesus saves your soul
And you give him control
And do what is right.

Probably one of the most moving songs on this CD is the fourth. "Take Care of Your Brother" were the last words Jody's mother said to him before she died in 1982. You can't listen to this song without tears in your eyes, and it's an excellent reminder for anyone with family.

Voices of Home is one CD that today's Christian can listen to without having fears of getting secular messages tangled in. Adams's strong sentiment, evocative voice and playing will speak to your heart.

music review by
Becky Kyle

19 March 2011

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