Chloe Agnew,
(Celtic Collections, 2003)

Chloe Agnew comes with a great musical pedigree. Her father and mother (singer/TV star Twink and oboist David Agnew) are both well-known performers in Ireland. She is already being billed as the new Charlotte Church. This is always a two-edged sword -- Church fans will avoid the new, competing singer while others do not buy Church music anyway.

It would be a great pity for anyone to avoid this excellent album out of such prejudice. Listen to Chloe -- as Chloe -- and you will be impressed.

At the age of just 13 years she brings a beautiful interpretation to a collection of classics and new songs. In 11 tracks she tackles "Danny Boy," "The Water is Wide" and "When You Believe" from The Prince of Egypt. This makes it difficult to classify the CD but shows her range and interests. Her version of "Danny Boy" is excellent regardless of age and the fact that it has been sung to varying degrees by just about everyone who ever stood in front of a microphone.

No album from a young singer is ever complete without "Walking in the Air" from The Snowman. Chloe gives it a very good interpretation. "The Water is Wide" is another song that has had more than a few outings. Chloe presents a beautiful, quiet version that is sweetly sung.

Having listened to her sing the better-known songs, I was enchanted by her on some of the lesser known. My personal favourite would have to be "The Prayer" from The Quest for Camelot.

This is a CD to treasure. Get in on the ground floor and be sure to have this debut album from Chloe because it cannot be the last. This is a star in the ascendant.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 31 January 2004