Christina Aguilera,
My Kind of Christmas
(Sony/BMG, 2004)

You're not usually going to find Christina Aguilera in my CD rotation. However, a kind soul knowing my fondness for Christmas music presented me with this one, and it goes against the grain to discard a gift without giving it due consideration.

I wonder if my 11-year-old daughter would like it. I certainly do not.

Aguilera fills the album with mediocre pop stylings, some of which are at least covers of classic Christmas songs. But her efforts here fail to ignite even a spark of holiday spirit; rather, she dampens any real sense of Christmas joy with her anemic, blues-inflected warblings and trendy mixes.

It's a sad truth that many of today's young female singers are chosen for their cheerleader looks, scandalous fashion sense and dance ability. While one might be gratified to see one aspire to something higher, they need to realize that singing the classics does not give them class. That they have to earn on their own.

P.S. My 11-year-old doesn't like it, either.

review by
Tom Knapp

17 January 2009

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