Diane Ahlquist,
Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases
of the Moon to Get What You Want

(Adams Media, 2002)

Moon Spells is a distinctly different type of lunar book. The author explains in her introduction that you need to be an astrologer to understand most of the moon books on the market. She wanted to write a book that tells you how to use lunar energy without getting bogged down with astrological data. Her efforts have paid off nicely in a manuscript that provides only the basic astrological information that is needed. In the final part, she includes brief sections on Western astrology, Chinese astrology and numerology.

This book takes you straight into Wiccan lunar rituals and ceremonies. It is divided into four parts and the information is organized logically. The first part provides an introduction to moon spells and works you through all the preparations. Ahlquist instructs you in creating a moon circle and its use. She includes the information on the moon phases and their associations, the common and not-so-common names for each of the moons, the ruling planet and associations of each weekday, and a lunar calendar. By the time you complete this part, you will be well equipped for performing a moon spell.

The second part focuses on the tools that you will need for performing your spells and how to set the proper atmosphere for best results. I especially like the author's treatment of music and clothing. She gives sound, practical advice. She lists the colors and their associations for candles, the areas affected by incense and fragrances, and the properties and actions of gemstones. As always, Ahlquist packs maximum information into minimal space. Her instructions are clear, brief, and thorough.

The third part contains 140 of the total 250 pages. It provides detailed instructions for a variety of moon spells that are arranged by general topic and easy to locate. The index also makes location of the appropriate spell a breeze. For each spell, Ahlquist tells you what tools you will need, what moon phase and day of the week will produce the best results and which to avoid, candles you need, direction to face, formation to use, optional magickal enhancements, preparations to make, affirmations for reading before you begin and details for how to perform the actual spell.

This is one of the best books I have found for moon spells. It offers just the right amount of information in an easy to understand format. The author has done a superb job of creating a manual for persons that wish to tap into the energy of the moon.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 23 August 2003

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