various artists,
In Aid of the Amazonian
People, Volume 1

(Blue Flame, 1998)

Kathy McMearty opens this collection with a wonderfully bluesy song, "Mr. Feasible." This song speaks to the odds of a woman over 30 finding "Mr. Right," and concludes it would pay to search for "Mr. Feasible" instead. This song may be the perfect opener for a project of this nature: the effort to raise money to support two charitable organizations (Fratelli Indios and Missioni Don Bosco) that are making efforts to save the forest people of Amazonia. The chances of saving these endangered peoples are probably not much greater than those of the woman over 30 searching for "Mr. Right." With their rights constantly being trampled for the sake of lumber harvests and land for roads, these people are rapidly losing their homes, their rights, their health and their cultures. We need to be searching for ways to save these people, in whatever way is feasible. Blue Flame Records is helping through this outstanding charitable collection.

When talking of the situation of the Amazon, it seems we should be singing the blues, so the choice of guests is quite apropos. Joining Kathy McMearty are Nick and Peaches, Level Blues Band, Honey Davis, Family Style, Bugs Henderson, Patrick McGinley, Bob Page, Oyvind Svele and Sweetie. The result is a collection of heart-felt lyrics, strong sentiment, jamming guitar lines and steady percussion that will put you in the mood to help out your fellow human being. It's the sort of music you can't help but sway to, feeling what the musicians feel as they bare their souls. Especially memorable are Family Style's blues harmonica on "Bad Bad Whiskey," Nick and Peaches' heartfelt version of "Rock Me Babe" and Bob Page's rockin' piano on "Double Barrel Boogie."

Pick up this CD for yourself, for the enjoyable music, and for your fellow man, since all royalties will go to help the Amazonian people.

[ by Jo Morrison ]