A Mystical Experience
(self-produced, 1997)

Aionios is comprised of the husband-and-wife duo George and Leonisa Marinakis. This album, created in their home studio and Dave Degrassi's studio, is the first work of this duo, and it is very apparent.

The title suggests a "mystical experience," but all I've experienced is slight pain and boredom. Leonisa's voice is annoying at best, and does not mesh well at all with the music. The songs, "Prophet" and "YHWH" are painful to hear as Leonisa's accent forces its way through the English verses, and sounds more like amateur night at the local karaoke bar, accompanied by a cheap keyboard.

In fact, a lot of the music sounds like bad karaoke sing-along music. In "Rapture: Part I: the Voice of the Prophet" and "Rapture: Part II," a lot of wind sounds and a church organ try to make up for the lack of inspiration. It sounds as if someone tried to use a keyboard with a church organ setting and thought it would be nice to add a backbeat to the sound.

The entire album is dedicated to God, and is valiant in its efforts. However, the efforts fall quite short of producing results.

[ by Jade Falcon ]

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