Christine Amsden,
Touch of Fate
(Twilight Times, 2006)

After predicting and being unable to stop yet another tragic event from happening, Marianne and her daughter, Gabrielle, pack up and move with the intention of starting over. Marianne has always referred to her gift of seeing into the future as a curse. Now Gabrielle has inherited the same ability and the two women struggle to find their place and peace in this world.

When they move to St. Louis, Marianne is both shocked and pleased to find a group of women who share her abilities. She is befriended by one of the ladies and is excited to join the gatherings. But when one member of that club is killed, Marianne's world is once again turned upside down.

While reading this book I felt somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of secondary characters and partial side stories that were mixed in with the main plot; a lot of it seemed an unnecessary additive especially when the main characters remained underdeveloped.

The mystery portion of the story is a little weak, as throughout the book you know who the culprit is and the main characters' discovery of said culprit is lackluster at best. The main story has potential, but it got lost in the scattered focus of characters and unresolved subplots. By the end of this book I just felt indifferent.

review by
Cherise Everhard

3 November 2007

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