And Did Those Feet,
(Osmosys, 2004)

I don't usually review single EPs, but for this mystical experience I will make an exception. There is hardly a better exponent of the combination of vocal ability with beautiful music that this oddly named group.

There are just three tracks here from And Did Those Feet, but the value from this Celtic/new age group is great.

The title track, "Angelus," was written by Richard Ellin, the brain behind this group. It is a haunting piece that will stay with you for hours after you switch off the album.

Welsh is a language unknown to most people, but it has a bewitching aura that lends itself to the ethereal and mystic. The track titled "Mil Harddach Wyt" is a beautiful lullaby that translates as "You're Prettier Than," and it is simply magical. Maybe with so many movies about King Arthur on the rounds, people will be encouraged to seek out the music of the times. "Avalon Yet" is another fantastic piece, and on the CD you get the enhanced version with beautiful graphics of the countryside of Wales.

Maybe there are only three tracks but you will repeat them again and again.

by Nicky Rossiter