And Did Those Feet,
Hymn for a Glad Tomorrow
(Osmosys, 2001)

Yes, I know it's an unusual name for a group, but there it is. If you get to see the British hit movie Calendar Girls, these four words are the first you will hear. They come from the hymn "Jerusalem," and although you may find them unusual they are fitting as the sounds here have that ethereal and spiritual feel.

Opening with a lovely song "Underneath the Pale Moon," you cannot avoid being drawn into a different world. A Welsh soul will weep at the beautiful "Avalon Yet," and anyone with a drop of Celtic blood will follow. It has an echo of "Plaisir D'Amour," which serves only to give you that feeling of knowing it and then springs surprises on you.

It is amazing to read the notes and find that voice, guitar and keyboard brought you that acoustic miracle. In 14 tracks, this CD covers a wealth of great sounds. It features the playing and writing skills of Richard Ellin, and his compositions find expression in the voices of a number of ladies including Ina Williams and Jacqueline Sen Gupta.

"To Clementine Churchill" is a spoken piece that will raise the hairs on your neck as it tells of Winston Churchill's wife using a simple flower planting to balance the power in wartime. I particularly enjoyed "Caution's Abode." This haunting song is as much at home in a concert or a church.

There are echoes of Enya in some of these tracks but these have a much clearer vocal quality and lyrics.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 1 November 2003

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