And Did Those Feet,
Spirit of the Age
(Terra Nova, 1992)

Sometimes CDs can be like buses; you spend ages looking for one and then a bunch of them arrive together. Such is the case with the fantastically named And Did Those Feet. I reviewed a recent release only a short while ago and then acquired a CD of theirs dating back to 1992.

The duo of Jacqueline Sen Gupta and David Byron, with some special guests, weaves a tapestry of poetic sound.

Opening with a track called "Things in this World (Money Can't Buy)," they draw you into their world of sweet sounds and accomplished production. The collection is eclectic and every track is a major surprise. I particularly enjoyed "It's a Quiet Life," a sort of laid-back philosophy of life set to music.

Sen Gupta has a deeply haunting voice. It reminds me of Enya but with definite lyrics that tell a story. The title track using both their voices blended into a hypnotic sound is excellent and, although not single release material, it will bring joy to any listener.

My all-time favourite track here is a sort of 16th-century dance tune written by Byron but with that old feel to it. Listen and you can see the ladies of court dipping and bowing in those genteel dances of the Elizabethan age. This is followed immediately by another close favourite called "Elemental Waltz," which I had heard years ago on a compilation album. This is a well-named piece -- although it doesn't appear to fit the waltz rhythm, it is incredibly elemental. Sen Gupta sounds like a spirit from a Shakespeare play.

This is a CD worth looking out for; although it might be difficult to find, do try.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 27 December 2003

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