Aphrodite IX #1: Time Out of Mind
by Dave Finch, David Wohl (Top Cow, 2004; reprinted, 2007)

Aphrodite IX is a synthetic human being who has been programmed to be the perfect assassin. In an effort to help her blend seamlessly into human society, she wears very few clothes and has green hair.

OK, the clothing thing probably has more to do with the book's readership demographic, and the hair is just 'cause it looks cool. Combined, those two factors make Aphrodite IX stand out in a crowd, but it doesn't really matter because she's just so awesomely good at what she does, it doesn't matter if her targets see her coming or not.

Aphrodite IX lives in a future society where most people have various cybernetic parts to replace their aging flesh-and-blood pieces. Consequently, people in this book look pretty freaky, because for the most part they've replaced human bits with cybernetic enhancements that don't look natural. Why? We don't know.

And Aphrodite IX has been programmed to kill everyone involved in her own creation, with the ultimate plan -- concocted by a soulless leader whose own motivations never become very clear -- of taking over the leadership of the human race herself. Of course, this is all complicated by the fact that Aphrodite IX forgets everything about herself 15 minutes after each successful mission, and learning the truth about her own identity -- over and over again -- is an arduous chore that consumes most of her time.

Aphrodite IX was probably a whole lot more fun to draw than it was to write. And, consequently, it's more fun to look at than it is to read. Our Heroine is eye candy, for sure, but the story never comes together sufficiently to hold my attention. Maybe they sort all that out in future volumes.

review by
Tom Knapp

8 December 2007

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