Yolanda Aranda
& Enrique Coria,
(Acoustic Disc, 2002)

Intimo is a fittingly intimate CD; it's as if you are there listening to Yolanda Aranda and Enrique Coria perform for you. There is such passion in each song, in all aspects of the song, that time stands still.

Aranda has a beautiful voice that soars and sweeps low to match the tone of the lyrics. Coria matches her on the guitar, the notes flowing effortlessly to partner with her voice. While all of the songs are sung in Spanish, the lyrics are provided in both Spanish and English.

The CD starts with "Dos Arbolitos," beginning with a guitar solo that lasts almost a minute. When Aranda joins in with her voice, it adds to the sense of longing; the song builds in intensity from start to finish. In "La Pucha Con El Hombre" you can hear the dance steps in Aranda's voice. There is a trio of love songs: "Cu Cu rru Cu Cu Paloma" is beautiful and sad, with the tone shifting to fit the images in the lyrics, while "Lela" is full of longing and "Rayito De Luna" is a graceful dance.

Then comes "El Puente De Los Suspiros," a gentle walk down memory lane. The memories continue in "Ni Mexico De Ayer" as it speaks of things that were once upon a time. There is a quiet and deep passion in "Quiero Ser Tu Sombra," a love song full of the beauty of the night. You see the other side of love in "Si Tu Tambien Te Vas," where the singer asks the lover to return.

"Cancion De Las Simples Cosas" is a mournful tune reminding us that all things pass. From that you go to "La Malaguena," a song that could almost be an aria. The tempo picks up for "Dicha Santiaguena" to the extent that the song seems to end right after it begins.

"Cancion Mixteca" is a tender waltz full of longing for home. They then take a moment and paint it in song in "Perfume De Carnaval," and it is a thing of beauty not of rememberance. The CD ends with "Concierto Para Una Sola Voz," full of grace and beauty.

Yolanda Aranda and Enrique Coria give a wonderful performance on Intimo and all that there seems left to say at the end of the music is "Encore."

- Rambles
written by Paul de Bruijn
published 10 May 2003