Argenti & Rosa,
To the Old Friendship
(Do-Re, 2003)

Ferdinando Argenti and Enrico Rosa join together to create some wonderful jazz in To the Old Friendship. The give and take between the two musicians as they build off of one another's work makes the CD a joy to listen to.

For the most part there are only the two musicians on the CD: Argenti on piano and Rosa on guitar. They are joined on a few tracks by Eva Rosa, who plays alto recorder.

The first track, "Sqwaqwaz," shows off the play between the two men as they pass the lead back and forth. "Copenhagen" is a mellower composition, painting images of old building and narrow lanes. Eva Rosa joins them briefly on "Mondiale," and the sound of the piece changes drastically when she does.

"Three Minute Blues" lasts almost seven minutes, and at the end you want it to keep going. It blends jazz and the blues with the influence of the later on the first fluxing throughout the piece. There is a casual elegance in "Dubbio" as the music dances quietly. The CD ends with "Boston," and when Eva joins in on her recorder it adds to the theme.

Argenti and Rosa have created some amazing music on To the Old Friendship. The two musicians click and it shows in the byplay between them. It is good.

- Rambles
written by Paul de Bruijn
published 19 July 2003