Arkana Music,
(independent, 2007)

Hyprovisation is a CD of original jazz quartet compositions by Ali Berkok, a Toronto pianist, and a competent set of sidemen known collectively as Arkana Music. Unfortunately, all the musical competence in the world cannot make beautiful or even interesting music from such cacophony.

The saxophonist, wandering in and out through the various tracks, is mindful of a sufferer of Attention Deficit Disorder on speed. Berkok's piano isn't much better, playing really random-sounding riffs rhythmically. And, to top it off, one track pretty much sounds like the rest.

The packaging text and promotional materials claim this to be cutting-edge improvisation -- or, in the words of Berkok himself, "exploring a new dynamism in improvisation." It all actually sounds like a lot of hyperactive high school band students warming up for band. Very disappointing.

review by
Stephen Richmond

23 February 2008

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