Kelley Armstrong,
Women of the Otherworld
#5: Haunted

(Bantam Dell, 2005)

Eve Levine was infamous while alive. A witch with demon blood, Eve was always a bit of an outcast. But when she started playing with the dark arts and black magic she alienated herself even more. She was notorious among the supernatural and that reputation wasn't a positive one. But since her death her one main focus has been to find a way to bridge the gap between her death and her daughter Savannah's life so that she can protect her from beyond.

Eve has spent 3 years in the afterworld and in that time she has made a deal with the three Fates. The Fates call in their marker in this book and Eve finds herself hunting a demi-demon who feeds off women who are teetering on the edge of homicide and possesses them to give them the nudge they need to commit the atrocities they dream of.

In the fifth book of The Women of the Otherworld series, you get to see a softer side of Eve. In the beginning of the series you hear all the horror stories she stars in, but as the series progresses you get to see there may have been some method to her madness. In this book I come away feeling she wasn't bad at all, just not one to conform to the rules. She was looking out for herself and Savannah -- no matter the cost or consequences.

Savannah's father, Kristof, is also at the heart of this story and you get to know him a whole lot better, too. Their chemistry is sweet yet explosive. Kristof is humorous, adoring and flirtatious of Eve. Eve's personality is awesome. She is so funny and sarcastic and she quite simply kicks ass. She can go hand to hand or spell to spell and she always comes out the victor. She has an extremely prickly exterior, but as her many layers are revealed so is her ultra vulnerable underbelly.

Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series is complex and extremely addicting. I laughed, I cried, I held my breath while reading the battles -- anxious of the outcomes. It's an intense series and with each new story I find myself becoming more and more invested and the intensity increases. The more you read, the more you love and the more you crave.

book review by
Cherise Everhard

14 January 2012

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