Mike Arroyo,
My Jazzy Mood
(independent, 2006)

The music created by Mike Arroyo and the band backing him on My Jazzy Mood would fit in perfectly in most jazz lounges. The tempo and mood of the music is easy to sit back and listen to. So when they do covers, as they often do on this CD, they make the melodies their own.

The music starts off on the funky side of jazz with "Floresitas," an instrumental piece that drifts in lounge stylings. It is odd hearing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" as an instrumental jazz number, but there is enough there that you can identify it. This cover works as they make it their own. The drums kick "Initial Flight" off and the tempo and horns bring this piece to the dance floor.

The music returns to the lounge for "Vine a Adorar," though the phrasing echoes lines from other worship songs at times. They continue to play songs their way as "Mira al Cilelo" is played as funk-styled jazz. "Oh que Amigo es Christo" remains very close in feel to how it is often played. If anything, it is a bit quieter and slower as the phrasing is slightly drawn out.

The title of "Perfect Mood" captures the feel of the music, the melody drifting warm and calm. The vocals added in the return to "Floresita (vocal)" brings out the sweeping lines of the melody.

The music on My Jazzy Mood does not challenge, but embraces the listener. Arroyo has crafted some delightful numbers on this CD, so some afternoon take the time to sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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review by
Paul de Bruijn

9 February 2008

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