Paul Arslanian,
It's the Feeling That Counts
(DBK, 1997)

The music on It's the Feeling That Counts is full of light and warmth. Paul Arslanian has put together a delightful collection of jazz material.

The album features just two musicians: Arslanian on piano and Steve Neil on the bass. For the most part the piano is the heart of the song while the bass follows along smoothly. There is a moment when the bass steps the fore and when it does, it shines all the more brightly.

You are greeted by "Almost Like Being in Love," which feels like a nice day with a good friend. It is followed by "Sissy's Bounce," a song that strolls gently along. You can almost see the sunrise in "Prayer for Our Planet."

You are then served a tribute straight up with "Blue for Brock," a song full of love. There is such elegance in "Pas de Trois" as the music dances under the stars with Fred and Ginger. The feeling of eventide continues in "Moonlight in Vermont," which takes you on an autumn saunter. The bass sings the sun up with "Softly as a Morning Sunrise."

It's the Feeling That Counts is a beautiful CD and while there is only around 40 minutes of music, you don't feel short-changed when the music stops.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 7 December 2002

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