(482, 2002)

The music of Audima cannot be categorized. It defies all conventional labels. You need to get this CD, Definition, and listen. Technically listed as new age, the music ranges from a big band sound to something resembling the Beach Boys to rock to blues, with everything except the kitchen table thrown in. There is, quite literally, something for every musical taste on this CD. These guys are extremely talented to pull off a composition like this!

There is no distinction between the selections. They simply move into a different key, adopt the new rhythm, and continue playing. There are no clear breaks and the segues work really well. If you are not looking at your stereo counter, you will miss the selection change. The closest they get to a break is adding in nature sounds for segues. For example, at the end of track 3, the music works into cricket sounds. These cricket chirps last for 42 seconds into selection 4 before the drum becomes audible. The music builds in volume for the next minute before reaching full volume. Selection 5 ends with a rain shower that lasts 30 seconds into selection 6.

Like the lack of distinction between selections, the band fades in and out of vocals and instrumentals. My favorite is selection 8, with the thunderstorm segue that begins at the end of 7. This piece has a thunderstorm, with the drums and bass softly joining and gradually building in volume for the first minute. Then the synthesizer kicks in with something that is wonderfully reminiscent of a combination of Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" and "Free Ride" titles from They Only Come Out At Night.

Definition includes these selections: "to express unhappiness about something," "a lack of systematic arrangement," "a state of uncontrolled anxiety," "a feeling of amazement and fear coupled with a feeling of insignificance," "to make thoughts and feelings known to others," "the process of separating somebody from others," "feelings of doubt about your own worth and abilities," "a difficult situation that will provide information about somebody," "to try very hard to deal with a challenge," "a state of mental calm and serenity, with no anxiety," "the quality of being modest or respectful." Most of the selections are longer than the average on the market, with the longest being 7:39, with the total run time at 54.43.

Audima is John Woodrull (vocals, guitar, laptop), Todd Bauer (flugelhorn), Mike Chiaburu (bass), Jay Friend (guitar), Takashi Tio (bass), Adam James (drums), Robert Mervak (keyboards) and Jason Smith (bass).

Get Definition and check out this unique twist on the music "norm." I loved the entire CD and found myself bouncing at times and drifting into deep serenity at others. This band will build you to a crescendo and bring you back to tranquility each time. They are adept at manipulating the feelings of their listeners.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 6 April 2003

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