Emilie Autumn,
(Traitor, 2004)

Enchant is a sound, or rather an album of sounds, as distinctive as the look of the artist who penned, played and sang them. Tinkerbell grows up and enchants in combat-gear, pink hair, fishnets and biker boots, an exquisite illusion of goth meets designer home-guard chic!

Her music is equally difficult to peg -- she terms it "fantasy-rock," and within the maelstrom are tones of classical, pop, synth-techno, Celtic and tango. Her exceptional compositional skills are equalled by her voice, and the tracks dance and shimmer like faerie wings, like a laser lighting up an attack zone, enchanting the listener, mesmerising the senses, lulling with a piano -- a melody worthy of a classical symphony; then changing tempo with an earthy, gutsy hard-kicking rock beat. Soaring, spinning off into the upper atmosphere courtesy of her ethereal violin, and caressing the senses with almost medieval stateliness before once more getting in-your-face and under your skin with 100 percent attitude.

Small wonder Emilie produced Enchant herself, determined not to be dictated to by the bean-counters at a big record company, confident in herself and what she is presenting to the world as her own pure yet multi-faceted vision of music. This album is astounding in its originality, and the integrity shines through. Her sound is haunting, gritty, modern and timeless -- she is a puzzle, much like her puzzle challenge on the CD and website. She asks on the site, "Do you believe in fairies?" -- she will surely live forever with the tumultuous applause her album will receive!

No mere ephemeral enchantment, this, but a girl to listen out for, and an album to play almost continuously -- trust me, you will never tire of it!

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 21 August 2004

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