Paul Avgerinos,
(RoundSkyMusic, 2014)

I love this album! It is so dreamy, calming and meditative, and it's an excellent blending of Indian music with enough Western conventions that make it easy to appreciate for those of us not extremely familiar with more classical Indian styles.

Both the music and the concepts are the very best sort of multicultural fusion as they combine Bhakti yoga traditions with Christianity in a personal and deepfelt way.

"Hare Jesu" is a lovely combination of the Krishna chant with Christianity, and may best sum up this album. "Shanti Om" is one of my favorites -- it's just beautiful.

The last 3 cuts -- "Forgiveness & Healing," "Bhakti Bliss" and "Peaceful Contentment" -- are mostly instrumental and long enough to dive into.

If you rather like Indian music, but the pure classical stuff seems inaccessible -- try this. I also recommend it for stress relief -- I defy anyone to listen to this and NOT relax! This is not dismissive, because it's well worth more focused listening as well, but it's very calming.

music review by
Amanda Fisher

20 December 2014

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