Paul Avgerinos,
(Round Sky, 2006)

Paul Avgerinos calls on his Greek ancestry not only for the music but for his album title as well. Gnosis means knowledge and knowing, and Avgerinos demonstrates his knowledge of music composition with this, his eighth recording.

The multi-Grammy nominated classically trained composer is a former symphonic principal bassist. He has performed with such classical music greats as Isaac Stern and Jean Pierre Rampal, and he has toured with notables like Liza Minelli and Buddy Rich since his graduation from the Peabody Conservatory of Music.

But Avgerinos found his true calling and genius in his new-age compositions. Avgerinos calls upon the world outside his Redding, Connecticut studio home -- which borders on a 5,000-acre wildlife sanctuary -- along with the sounds and music of various cultures, new and ancient, to create a sound that enwraps the listener.

It is easy to get lost inside the musical world of Paul Avgerinos. He believes it is his mission in life to spread peace, love and tolerance in the world through music.

Using Greek chants, an Indian drum known as a tabla and Middle Eastern string instruments called an oud and a sangari, Avgerinos weaves his magic of musical love and unity. Tracks include "Pure in Heart," "Follow Your Bliss," "Awakening," "Journey to Now," "Waves of Bliss" and "We are One."

by Sherrill Fulghum
2 December 2006

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