The Arrogant Worms,
(self-produced, 2006)

Comedy records can be a dangerous breed, but this group from Canada appears to have cracked the code. The Arrogant Worms manage to produce songs that will amuse on first hearing, but will keep you coming back because they are equally well written and performed.

My copy of Beige does not have a "parental warning," but I feel that it should have one, not necessarily for any very bawdy words but the content of many of the tracks are close to the knuckle. Any children hearing "Go to Sleep Little Leech" could be scarred for life, if they thought for a moment the song referred to them -- with threats of being sold on eBay if they do not go to sleep. "Pressure Washer" might give even more adult listeners bad ideas like using the instrument to wash cats or even babies.

The album is definitely not politically correct, so if you are easily offended you have been warned. The track "Twins" is funny, interesting and probably reflects the true thoughts of Siamese twins, but you just know it is going to upset someone. "IBS" I will not even speak about -- the initials stand for an illness. By the way, it is funny.

The track "Ezra Eats" will strike a chord with parents everywhere as the band sings of a child's voracious appetite. "The Ballad of Edna & Ida" gives us the mind-boggling tale of a pair of octogenarians who abscond from a retirement home to Las Vegas.

Have you ever been scared by a mime artist on the street? If so, you will love or hate "Mime Abduction," which hits just about every trait of the genre. Then, the Worms get all anti-patriotic on "Canadaman," as they give some very funny swipes at Superman and their countrymen. They also tackle topics such as "Hernia Belt," "Teenage Angst" and "Dumb Guys."

You will find this album hilarious if you have a broad sense of humour. You will be upset if you are a person who goes out of your way to be insulted. The choice is yours.

by Nicky Rossiter
3 June 2006

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