directed by Coralie, Virginie Despentes
(Remstar, 2000)

This movie has been compared to Thelma & Louise, Nikita and Natural Born Killers. What rot.

In Baise-moi, we meet a bunch of young, French lowlifes: a prostitute, a junkie, a drug dealer, a couple of street thugs, etc. Funnily enough, all the men are brutish, unkempt and ugly, but the women are really good looking and appealing.

The music alternates between bad jazz and bad rock.

Two women are slapped around by a gang and raped. The filmmakers take the pains to give us a couple of explicit "hydraulic" close-ups, but it's brief, grainy and shot in a dark room. Why bother? Two women bond and kill a guy who pisses them off. Then they hit the road and start killing indiscriminately. They are alienated women rebeling against polite society, you see.

The filmmakers want to say, "We are French and we show the nasty truth about society." But the film says, "We are French and we make pretentious claptrap containing gratuitous porn." If this is nihilism, it's faux.

review by
Dave Sturm

15 August 2009

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