Keith Bear,
Morning Star Whispered
(Makche, 2007)

Keith Bear mixes storytelling with the Native American flute on Morning Star Whispered.

There are two stories: the 25-minute-long "Sticks a Feather in His Head" and the 22-minute "Turtle & Pretty Crane." They are not like the children's or origin tales that you may have heard before. Both have twisting plots and very human characters that happen to communicate with spirits and gods.

Bear tells them in a down-to-earth manner, occasionally using modern phrases or slang. There is even an occasion when a character loses a fight and falls into a puddle of horse piss.

There is also an introduction and four flute pieces about three to five minutes long. Bear is a fine flautist, adding a few trills and techniques not often heard on this simple but hard to play instrument.

The disadvantage to this CD, of course, it that you might not want to listen to it again after hearing how the stories end. The exception would be for storytellers, however, who could learn much from Bear's delivery.

review by
Dave Howell

12 April 2008

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