Jeff Belanger,
Weird Massachusetts: Your Travel Guide
to Massachusetts' Local Legends & Best Kept Secrets

(Sterling, 2008)

Who would have thought there are so many bizarre and unique goings-on in my own innocent Bay State? This volume is stuffed full of fun facts, local history and little-known oddities in this great new addition to the Weird series.

This book is so engagingly written I often had a hard time putting it down for the night. Jeff Belanger has really done the legwork in unearthing every stone and peering into every nook and cranny to uncover the little known people, places and things that have influenced the Bay State. A floating island crashing into waterfront backyards? Cars rolling uphill? Ghost ships, balancing rocks and Bigfoot? It's all here -- amusing, mysterious, scary and strange! There are giant chairs, spooky abandoned asylums and the Cat in the Hat. (Did you know Dr. Seuss was from the Bay State?) How about a Sacred Cod in the House of Representatives and a Holy Mackerel in the State House?

You will enjoy this wacky ride from one end of Massachusetts to the other, and you can rest assured you won't be missing anything along the way. I haven't had this much fun between the pages of a book in a long time!

Here's the award for the funniest (and most devious) story in the book: The Cape Cod Canal Resident Tunnel Permit. How many tourists have driven the length of the canal hoping to find this local oddity? (C'mon, was it you?)

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

18 August 2012

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