Black Irish Band,
From the Forest
(Black Irish, 2005)

From the Forest is a sort of concept album. It celebrates the great American outdoors, especially the forests and those who risk life and limb fighting fires in the wilds.

This album, from the Black Irish Band, is a series of songs about the heroic, from landscapes to individuals. There is a very real feeling of dedication to be experienced here, particularly on tracks like "Into the Fire."

"The Ballad of John Muir" celebrates the man who "discovered" the natural wilderness of the Rocky Mountains and was instrumental in inventing the national park system -- to whom we should be eternally grateful.

The majority of the 13 tracks were written by band member Patrick Michael Karnahan and show a great songwriting ability, as well as a love of his subject. You do not need to have experienced those wilderness areas to enjoy this album, but if you have been there it gives you that added thrill.

by Nicky Rossiter
6 January 2006

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