Big Blue Hearts,
Here Come Those Dreams Again
(Eagle Eye, 2005)

Big Blue Hearts plays country-rock music, at times sounding a little like Chris Isaak, at times a little like Roy Orbison. The music is definitely commercialized for successful radio air play. Their CD, Here Come Those Dreams Again, sounds very packaged and professionally done. Still, while I prefer reviewing more down-to-earth CDs, there is something about the band that grabbed my attention.

The first song, "Lovin' You," hooked me with the simple electric guitar melody. The vocals hit their mark during the chorus: "Lovin' you is the right thing to do/I was lost until I found you." There is no hiding the fact that this CD was written for mass marketing. Easy lyrics. Simple tune. Nice on the ears. And guess what? It works. I'm liking it.

The title track, "Here Come Those Dreams Again," follows a similar formula as all the other songs. Between the crooning and lead guitar, it can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages. After several listens, I still don't know what the dreams are about, but I'm bouncing along in time to the music; that has to be a sign of catchy writing. I especially like the vocal highs reached towards the end of the song when they belt out "Here come those dreams ... those dreams...."

I think that the stronger songs are placed at the front of the album. The CD already doesn't sound original. Then you hear "Don't Mind Messin'" towards the end of the CD; it sounds like a cover -- apparently, it isn't, but you will swear you've heard it (or something very close) before.

Big Blue Hearts is a four-member band. David Fisher sings and plays guitars. Based on promo pictures at the band's website, where Fisher is mostly posed in front of his bandmates, I'm surprised I'm not talking about David Fisher & the Big Blue Hearts. He is backed up by Greg Sobol on drums, JB Burton on bass and Scott Minchk on guitar. Fisher wrote most of the songs, with help from Douglas Soref on some. One song, "Buck Wild," was penned by Minchk.

Like Cheese Whiz, Big Blue Hearts might be a little over-processed. But sometimes, a little Cheese Whiz hits the spot. I had never heard of the band before I saw Here Come Those Dreams Again. lists a couple prior CDs. If this band hasn't made it big yet, my guess is they will. The songs are written for maximum appeal and the ability to cross-over into several genres, and I have enjoyed Fisher's vocals even if the band is a little over-polished for my general taste.

by Wil Owen
3 June 2006

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