Just Taste It
(IMS, 2001)

Blaike tells us that the title of this CD is what it says. Take a taste and see if you like it. He admits that not everyone will like his work.

Unfortunately, although I loved some tracks, I found the album difficult. In particular, the lack of a lyric sheet was very problematic for me. I could sense some very good material here but did not get all that I felt I should from the CD.

"From the Human Race" was my favourite track but I cannot put a finger on exactly why. I also enjoyed " I Laughed" and "Everyday."

Just Taste It has some good lyrics and nice tunes but I kept wondering who it is for and how it will reach them. The spark that is so necessary for success just failed to ignite.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 26 January 2002

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