Big Leg Emma,
The Color of Wind
(independent, 2004)

Big Leg Emma is not a person, but a group of six talented musicians who offer a unique blend of music played with vigor and passion.

The band's latest album, The Color of Wind, borrows from bluegrass, country, folk, funk, reggae, roots rock and other styles to provide a mix that is entertaining and invigorating and will have you humming along, tapping your toes and wishing there were more than just 12 tracks.

Band members come from different stylistic backgrounds but strive to fuse those diverse elements into one sound that makes for solid listening pleasure.

The western New York-based group was formed in 2001 but sound like they've been together much longer. Big Leg Emma began when musical partners Steve Johnson (acoustic and electric guitar, vocals) and Charity Muse (mandolin, vocals) combined with Amanda Barton (fiddle, vocals), who got her start at the age of 8, playing with her family's bluegrass band. They were soon joined by Dan Warmbrodt (bass), John McGuire (drums) and Kevin Rowe (lead electric guitar, vocals).

After building a strong following on the festival circuit, they produced their first album, Gramma Don't Like That! That left fans clamoring for more and the result was this new album. From the first track, "Broken Sky," to the last, "When Will the Sun Set Me Free," this album is a treat that'll have fans begging for more.

by John R. Lindermuth
4 March 2006

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