Rustie Blue,
Enter at Your Own Risk
(Country Discovery, 2002)

This is Rustie's second album -- the first is also well worth looking for. The music here, while firmly rooted in traditional country, offers plenty of variety, with a nice mix of tempos and styles.

The best-known song here is "Trouble," which Elvis recorded back in the '70s. This bluesy song is different from any other track here but it demonstrates Rustie's versatility. She certainly sounds convincing enough -- I don't think anybody should mess with Rustie despite all the pictures of her smiling happily.

The opening track, "Who's She to You," in which Rustie wants to know whether she's going to lose her man to another woman, swings at a good pace and sets the standard for the album. This is followed by two tracks written by Bill Anderson: "I'm Not Going till I'm Gone" (a lovely ballad) and the first single from the album, the upbeat "On and On and On." The remaining tracks are all of a high quality.

It is a reflection of the times in which we live that country singers of Rustie's calibre are generally ignored by major labels. Rustie has taken her music to several different countries and it may be that she will achieve greater success abroad, in countries where people still want their country music to sound traditional, than at home.

- Rambles
written by Peter D. Harris
published 30 August 2003

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