Under the Counter
(Greentrax, 2008)

Bodega is a young band both in existence and personnel. They are less than three years on the road, and Under the Counter is their second album.

Opening with a lively instrumental set called "Inward Chimney," the band will capture your pulse and set it racing. They calm the proceedings for the song "The Stamping Ground," originally on the album of the same name by Runrig.

After another few instrumental adrenalin shots, they give a beautiful rendition of Tim O'Brien's "Lost Little Children," an ultra-sad tale of emigration from the point of view of children.

"Puirt" is another set of three pieces, and again you are warned to get that pulse monitored as the musicians combine instrumentals and "mouth music" to great effect. The beautifully named, elegantly played "Helyinagro" will assist you in coming down after that heady set. This is a slow and lovely tune.

This album shows a wonderful breadth of musical talent in a young group and augers very well for the future of great music.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

14 February 2009

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