Borg & Vella,
Dream Out Loud
(independent, 2003)

Toronto, Ontario's Richard Borg and Kenneth Vella have been playing music together for 10 years. Bandmates Raoul Koonin and Marco Del Degan join them on their latest album, Dream Out Loud, the followup to their debut recording Colours of the Spirit.

While Borg & Vella's music at times has a new age feel to it, their music resembles more of a flamenco jazz. Borg & Vella's sound very much resembles that of Otmar Lieber, although at times it is more of a cross between Lieber and a stripped-down Yanni. Fans of those artists will find Borg & Vella's music something that will fit very well into their music collection.

Dream Out Loud contains 11 original tunes. Using the classical music techniques of point-counterpoint and variations on a theme, Borg & Vella weave their complicated and intricate rifts and runs into their melodies.

You cannot just plop this CD in the stereo and hear it; you will find yourself stopping and listening to their music with a careful ear.

by Sherrill Fulghum
16 December 2006

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