Chris Botti,
Night Sessions
(Columbia, 2001)

A pensive cover profile shows that blue-eyed Chris Botti is something to look at, but most important, trumpeter Chris Botti proves to be someone to listen to!

In Night Sessions, his Columbia Records debut, Botti struts his stuff. The music is inviting, appealing, voluptuous and, above all, sexy. One can easily liken listening to Botti to a sensual, musical body massage. Unlike other massages, though, this one's appropriate for both day and night, in both public and private arenas. During particularly tense periods in my work day, a little Botti goes a long way.

While I enjoy tried and true jazz artists like David Sanborn, Kenny G and Chuck Mangione, other jazz artists just come and go. Until Chris Botti, with his music that won't let go. And to think he recorded this disc on a short break from his stint as a soloist in Sting's Brand New Day tour! As an added bonus [not that this disc needs any bonuses] Columbia recording artist Shawn Colvin joins Botti and adds some smoky vocals to the cool atmosphere.

Although hard pressed to pick the best song from these mesmerizing pieces, my vote for best jazz album of the year goes to Chris Botti and Night Sessions, hands down!

[ by Lynne Remick ]
Rambles: 26 January 2002

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