The Bottomfeeders,
(WireWorks, 2001)

This CD features 13 songs celebrating life on Canada's shores, ranging from fishing songs to a rather grim traditional Nova Scotian ballad, "The Jealous Lover." There are touches of folk, jazz and bluegrass in the group's excellent musicianship and vocals. The songs feature a variety of lead singers, making for a varied listening experience, and the touches of fishing humor throughout -- with songs titled "The Drunkest Deckhand," "(My Gal Left Me for a) Geoduck Clam" and "Gooseneck Barnacle Pickers" -- are entertaining.

The majority of the songs are fairly slow-paced and slightly melancholy. "In Years From Now" has an environmental theme and a wistfulness, asking, "Will we have won the battle of saving our planet?" Equally mournful, "Wait Some More" is the lament of a fisherman's wife, wondering when her man will come home from the sea.

Any fan of folk music will enjoy this offering, although its lyrics and themes make it a uniquely Canadian offering. Definitely worth a listen!

- Rambles
written by April Chase
published 7 June 2003

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