Josh Boyd & the V.I.P Band,
Josh Boyd & the V.I.P Band
(independent, 2005)

One aspect of today's technology that has turned out to have some negative effects is the fact that it is so widespread, anyone willing to invest the money can churn out a professional-sounding CD. What we need to remember is that, in some cases, professional sounding is not professional. Josh Boyd's CD turns out to be a routine album, featuring a lot of guitar and rough vocals on songs that are neither memorable or startlingly original. It all has a slightly familiar feel; you've heard it all before.

Boyd leads a power trio, consisting of himself on guitar and vocals, with Junior Springs on bass and harmony vocals and Charles Gaston on drums. The trio format doesn't allow the band enough flexibility; they never quite leave the routine, never develop a powerful groove that belongs to them alone.

No doubt playing live in a club or bar, they can provide you with a good time, but this CD just shows they've got a ways to go yet.

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review by
Michael Scott Cain

12 December 2009

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