Battle Pope #2: Mayhem
by Robert Kirkman, various artists (Image, 2006)

Still caught in the post-Rapture world of Battle Pope, writer Robert Kirkman continues to spout hilarious heresies that will surely offend more readers than it amuses.

Well, fine. More for the rest of us, then. Don't get me wrong, Battle Pope hasn't redefined the concept of pie or replaced the need for oxygen in my life, but I find myself reading it and chuckling, despite (or, perhaps, because of) Kirkman's blatant disregard for what's good, proper and respectful.

Mayhem, the second book in the series, is less epic in scope than the first. Instead of facing off against Lucifer himself, the Pope is forced to confront the true nightmare of sharing a small apartment with his new sidekick, Jesus H. Christ. Things don't go well, in part because Jesus is somewhat less than worldly, while the Pope is worldly to an extreme. Even something so basic as dishwashing becomes an issue.

Oh, and there's also some stuff about HellCorp, and a former sidekick of Lucifer's who wants Hell's earthly branch office for herself. There's some fighting, and a lot of the bad guys from Genesis make their return.

Tony Moore, the artist from the first book, does only part-time service here, and with various artists filling in, the look of the book is inconsistent.

This book is not for the pure (or faint) of heart. Consider yourself warned.

review by
Tom Knapp

22 December 2007

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