Bomb Queen #4: Suicide Bomber
by Jimmie Robinson (Image Comics, 2008)

I keep hoping Jimmie Robinson will learn from his mistakes and turn the Bomb Queen concept into something worth reading. The premise -- a city cut off from the rest of the nation where crime runs rampant, all under the rule of an amoral supervillain -- has boatloads of potential good storytelling, but Robinson apparently prefers to draw naughty bits for giggles.

The sad fact is that subjects such as rape and incest aren't funny. There's no way to make them funny. And yet Robinson keeps trying, hoping that suddenly we'll find hilarity in, for instance, the suggestion of a young boy raping his younger sister. It's not cute, Jimmie, and it's not witty. Nor is it shocking; when that sort of crap is dumped on our heads nonstop on every page, it's hard to find even the harshest, sickest material even slightly provocative.

Innocent people dying in terrorist bombings? Still not funny. Bomb Queen "falling" out of her costume and exposing her massive breasts? Childish and repetitive, but not funny. A superhero who uses a magical pen to "edit" the words of criminals, thereby changing their actions? Funny. See, Jimmie, you can put a good idea to work if you set your mind to it!

There is a popular Internet blogger who says he reads the newspaper comics pages so you don't have to. That appears to be my function here; I've read Bomb Queen so, hopefully, you don't need to suffer the same. Just take my word for it.

... Unless you're the sort of fellow who thinks anal rape and racism are jolly good fun. Then, hey, go wild. Someone's gotta be buying this book or it wouldn't be on its fourth volume.

Wait. Actually, that's kind of sad.

review by
Tom Knapp

5 July 2008

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