Terry Brennan,
(independent, 2004)

On Roads we get a baker's dozen of well-performed tracks, all but two penned by Terry Brennan. His voice is strong, confident and well suited to the lyrics on offer here.

The opening, "Too Hot to Handle," sets the tone of an excellent album. The slow burn start on "One Sweet Dream" leads us into an unusually "rocky" number that's given a smoother than usual delivery. "Sally Come Easy" is a piece co-written by Brennan and Simon Kendall, and the partnership works beautifully.

I particularly enjoyed "You Won't," a great story of people who separated and now want to try again. Brennan's telling of the tale of Sarah Jane on "The Rain Remembers" is another of my favourites on this CD.

Terry certainly has great self-confidence and displays it in giving new lyrics to "C.C. Ryder" -- and it works. The title track is another excellent song that deserves a wider audience. This is a song that we can identify with as he lists off the roads in our lives.

"Last Waltz" is another beautifully paced song -- Brennan sounds just a little like a cross between Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan on this one. Does anyone else hear a little "Catch the Wind" in the tune? The album ends with him "Going Down the River."

This is a very good album with some great tracks crying out for more people to listen.

by Nicky Rossiter
1 April 2006