Billy & Bryn Bright,
(Blue Corn, 2000)

This CD by a husband-and-wife team is another of those deserving a much wider audience. If we look at the influences on the pair, their audience would cover all of America. They cite the Clash, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters and Bill Monroe among about 40 others.

Their playing talent is showcased straight off in a track called "Guillermo." It resounds with a number of influences from Latin to bluegrass and, believe it or not, it works. "Jerusalem Cafe" is an interesting track, influenced by Monroe. "Cricket in the Kitchen" sounds like an old Irish tune and comes across a lovely light piece of good music well played.

"Coleraine" is an old Irish piece but it gets the Bright treatment here. As with so many reinterpretations of traditional or well-known pieces, there is no halfway -- it either works or it is agony. Thankfully the talent of this duo brings a wonderful new dimension to an old air.

My favourite track has to be "Veteran's Day." It is relatively short track -- ideal for any deejay out there that wants to give good new music a chance without leaving out too much of today's dross. What better to play on Veteran's Day than a nice well-written musical tribute?

To be very corny -- Billy and Bryn have a very bright future (aaaagh, I couldn't resist) if they are given the air time and the concert promotion that they deserve.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 26 October 2002

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