Matt Bronleewe,
(Thomas Nelson, 2007)

Matt Bronleewe, a former member of the popular Christian band called Jars of Clay, continues to write and produce music, but he also enjoys writing. Illuminated is his first book.

Illuminated is a historical thriller set in U.S. and Europe. The story is about the secrets of Gutenberg, the inventor of the first printing press, and his famous Bible, a book that was worth nearly $100 million. The main character of the story is August Adams, a rare book dealer, who must decode the illuminations found in the Bible in order to save his family from the villains who have captured them. Will he succeed in accomplishing his mission? Who are the secret agents who chase him and his family? What connection do they have with the secret societies mentioned in the Bible?

The book is a gem in the thriller category. It is highly entertaining and exciting as the readers want to read more and more as soon they complete the first pages of the book, since the story can keep their interest intact to the very last page. It is educational as well, as the medieval secrets of the Bible are revealed throughout the story, adding suspense and thrill to every page.

The characters are well built and resemble reality, and there is a touch of humor in some cases despite the seriousness of the situation the characters are in. The readers expect the heroes to win and so it happens, but they have not the time to think or predict the outcome as the plot is tight and fast paced. A certain character, a villain who is the "cleaner" of the mess, reminds me of the movie called Code: Nikita where a similar cleaner tried to vanish the dead bodies. Spine-chilling scenes, mystery and a lot of action are all the necessary ingredients for a bestseller in this genre or even a movie, if it has got the chance to become one.

The book is a catch, don't miss it!

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review by
Liana Metal

24 November 2007

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