Terry Brooks,
The Word & the Void #3: Angel Fire East
(Del Rey, 2000)

If, like me, you've read Running with the Demon and Knight of the Word, you'll want to know what happens to series protagonists John Ross and Nest Freemark. Answers are waiting in Angel Fire East.

Character is what this book is about.

In this final volume of the Terry Brooks trilogy, Nest is 29 and living back in Hopewell, Illinois. John Ross, once more a Knight of the Word, has come back to try and claim a potentially powerful entity -- a newly born Gypsy Moth -- for the Word.

Findo Gask, a demon, wearing an "Elmer Gantry"-like face, has assembled his own odd crew of fighters aiming to take the moth for the Void. The results of this battle could change the balance substantially.

While I still love Ross and Freemark, it almost feels like some of this story is templated -- particularly the fight scenes. I'm glad to have read the book. It's good to know what happened to two characters I value, but this is a lackluster end to what I consider a stellar beginning.

If you're interested in Terry Brooks and want to read this series, start at the beginning with Running with the Demon, but understand it runs downhill from there.

review by
Becky Kyle

17 October 2009

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