Terry Brooks,
The Word & the Void #2: A Knight of the Word
(Del Rey, 1999)

John Ross has renounced his pledge as a Knight of the Word after he failed to save the lives of schoolchildren in a tragedy. He's now working for a homeless shelter in Seattle and trying to build a life for himself.

Nest Freemark is now a college student. She comes to Seattle to warn John that a Demon's after him and eventually will try to seduce him into the service of the Void.

A Knight of the Word is the second book in Terry Brooks' The Word & the Void trilogy. But, frankly, this one's not as much of a page-turner as Running with the Demon, the first book in the series. Interest in what happens to Ross and Freemark is what keeps you reading rather than the plot itself.

Overall, it's a decent follow-up, but it's not a thriller like Running. We'll see what happens in book three.

review by
Becky Kyle

26 September 2009

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