Terry Brooks,
Genesis of Shannara #3: The Gypsy Morph
(Del Rey, 2008)

It's a bleak future for the world. The poisonous environment has created hideous mutations, and most of the remaining people are hiding in compounds and fighting for their lives.

Two Knights of the Word, Logan Tom and Angel Perez, are tirelessly battling the forces of the demons that are bent on destroying the rest of humankind.

Terry Brooks has long since proven himself a master storyteller. He kept us enchanted with Shannara for many years and through many novels, then moved to The Word & the Void, a trilogy. Now, with the third series in this multi-book universe, he's finally revealing to his fans where Shannara originated from.

While this book stands alone, I'd suggest reading The Word & the Void (my favorite Brooks series) and then moving to Genesis of Shannara. It's well worth the time you'll spend reading.

review by
Becky Kyle

28 November 2009

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