I You You Me
(Rhubarb, 2001)

I You You Me is an indie-produced CD of only five tracks, but it gives a good showcase of the talents of this popular bagpipe rock band from Australia.

It opens with a very upbeat track called "Crazy" that gets the foot tapping and provides a "feel good" sound despite the lyrical content. "Bitch" is next, and it continues the driving beat. "Believe Again" slows things down and allows the listener to appreciate the thoughtful songwriting talents of the group. It is a revealing song that bears repeated listening. "911" was written after the events of last September and is listed as a reaction by all the band members to the tragedy. It opens with slow mournful notes that conjure images of emptiness and desolation. The ambiance of the entire track is gentle and thoughtful.

This is a rather short CD, but it will give the listener a good cross-section of the abilities of Brother. The group sounds equally accomplished at driving rock and thoughtful reflection. This CD is well worth a listen, and Brother sounds like a band we will hear again and again.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 6 July 2002

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