Urban Cave
(Rhubarb, 2003)

Brother's new CD Urban Cave defies all categorization, except the category "great music." Mixing bagpipes, didgeridoos, scratching, vocals and spoken word can't be easy, but Brother has managed it and in the process created a CD that is filled with wonderful, original songs.

Consisting of brothers Angus (vocals, bass, bagpipes, guitars) and Hamish Richardson (vocals, didgeridoos, bagpipes, acoustic guitars), Rick Kurek (guitars, cello, backing vocals/spoken word), T. Xiques (drums, trumpet, turntable, table, backing vocals) and Dez Stewart (keys, samples, harmonica, spoken word), Brother has melded various musical styles in an innovative way.

Songs such as "River," "Inside of Me," "In Your Name" and "Just Listen" showcase the various talents the group possesses. Although the instrumentation sounds unusual, it is very soothing and easy to listen to. The songs draw you in, making you want to hear them over and over again. The style appeals across the board and the sounds are completely addictive. This album can be put on repeat and never get tiresome. This is fantastic, cutting-edge music!

- Rambles
written by Jean Emma Price
published 17 January 2004

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