Lani Massey Brown,
A Margin of Error
(Beacon Bridge/Booksurge, 2008)

Political thrillers have taken over from the courtroom drama and the hidden conspiracy of the ages as a potent genre for a reader in search of a good read with perhaps a bit of education included.

Like all the best writing, author Lani Massey Brown draws on personal background for the fictional basis of the novel. In this case, Brown was an election official; therefore an election provides the backstory here.

The protagonist is Cady Palmer, whe appears surrounded by powerful enemies ranging from the state governor and his spy to a stalker she fired in the past. Against the fascinating backdrop of an election the story plays out at breakneck speed.

A thriller of this order is difficult to review for fear of spoiling any of the suspense by forewarning the reader. But be warned, there are trips and twists here, but throughout the story you will be intrigued. You will care for Cady and worry about Izzy as the tale unfolds. The characters are rounded and the situations plausible, but the tension is maintained.

Set aside a few nights to see how the margin of error is resolved.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

27 March 2010

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