N.M. Browne,
Warriors of Camlann
(Bloomsbury, 2003)

Warriors of Camlann continues the story of Dan and Ursula, teenagers from our world who, in Warriors of Alavna, walked through a yellow mist and found themselves in a world very much like our own first century Britain. Now, they once again exit the mist to find that they have not reached home as they had hoped. Instead, they have gone only a few hundred years in the future, though this is plainly yet another world. No longer does Dan possess the berserker strength of the Bear Sark. Now, gifted with the name of Gawain, he finds himself burdened with a great empathy that threatens to drive him mad. Nor is Ursula unchanged. While she still possesses the great strength and prowess of the warrior Boar Skull, she can no longer touch or direct magic. She cannot control the Veil that is their only way home, and the only one who can is their enemy.

In this world, Dan and Ursula are brought to the court of the War Duke of Britain, Arturus, he who will become King Arthur. But he's not the man that legend had led them to expect, and Ursula, for one, is not sure he can be trusted.

Warriors of Camlann is an excellent sequel to Warriors of Alavna, taking the characters of Dan and Ursula in new directions. The Arthurian framework is pretty standard, but the story isn't really about Arthur; it's about how Dan and Ursula fit themselves into a new situation and thrive. The author shows a sure touch for characterization, as well as a gift for bringing history to life in gritty detail.

Since this book ends with a cliffhanger, I'm assuming that the author intends to complete Dan and Ursula's adventures, and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

- Rambles
written by Laurie Thayer
published 6 March 2004

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