One Nation:
A Tribal Gathering of Voices

(SOAR, 1999)

This is a very interesting CD of Native American music, blending the sound of tribal music with a techno drum machine treatment.

The tracks are very well produced and have a curiously ethnic feel to them. Having grown up on western movies, some of the music sounds vaguely familiar, but as we all will realise, this is because even the mock ritual in the old John Wayne films may have had a grain of truth. Here, too, I think we are finding grains of truth.

While I found the album quite enjoyable, the badly printed liner and extremely vague notes that I could decipher handicapped my enjoyment. Even with this difficulty, "Touched By A Vision" in particular impressed me greatly. It is a very powerful piece of music. In fact, as one of the few featured without the drum machine, it proved to me that trying to add to a good sound can too often destroy it.

Unfortunately, I cannot see a huge market for this CD because of its narrow focus. It will mostly appeal to those interested in Native American music and may also feature as a soundtrack for TV or movie production. Perhaps through something along those lines, Brule will gain some recognition and broaden its appeal.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 30 May 2002

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